Carpet cleaning services

funiture moving

Save money with this package by moving your own furniture as you feel necessary. (Our equipment can reach under many items eliminating the need to move them.)

Professional vacuuming

A commercial, heavy-duty vacuum will be used to remove dry, abrasive, fiber damaging soils.

Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning

First we precondition your carpets by applying specially formulated agents to suspend the soils. Next the soils are thoroughly removed with our powerful jet extraction system. Your carpets are left deep cleaned, bright and spring fresh, with rejuvenated nap and luster.


Special spotting agents will be used to remove any difficult or persistent spots.


We'll carefully set the pile of your carpet for maximum appearance, softness and rapid drying. Carpet will be left with a beautiful, finished look!


While we're cleaning, we'll set up commercial air moving equipment to get carpets as dry as possible before we leave!